Rocky River Steelhead Outing

The Rocky River Steelhead Outing will be held Saturday November 3rd, 2018 at 1500 Scenic Park Trail, Lakewood, OH. There is a boat ramp right there near 41 North Kayak Adventures.

*******Weather Alert- Steelhead fishing is very dependent on the amount of rain and flow of the river so Saturday November 10th will be the backup date should the river be unfishable on the 3rd.

Chairman: Eric Babb (330) 858-1686


1. Fishing may be wading, from shore, or by boat.

2. The single longest Steelhead with a second to decide any ties.

3. $5.00 entry fee paid prior to the outing.

4. No pre-fishing the day of the outing.

5. All State Laws must be obeyed during the event.

6. The responsibility for knowing the rules is up to each participant.

8. Sign up at the October meeting or call Eric Babb by November 1st.

9. Bring a lunch, no food will be served.

10. Meet at the boat ramp no later than 7:30 am. Boats may be in the water.

11. At 7:30 you may disperse to whatever spot you want and commence fishing.

12. Rods up at 12:30 and meet back at the ramp.