Summit Sportsmans Association
May 4 th , 2019 Annual Fishing Derby

FISHING FROM 9:00 TO 12:00
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Trout Derby 2019 RECAP

Summit Sportsmans Association 2019 Children’s Trout Derby

The Trout Derby was very successful this year. Thank You, Volunteers!!! The success of this event was only possible through the hard work you all did. We had 223 kids and 198 parents or guardians attend. That’s a lot of bodies. Twenty Four SSA members volunteered for the event. The weather was pretty good; cool, but clear most of the time. We did get a short shower. But, the rain didn’t quiet the enthusiasm of the kids. Many fish were caught & that is the main reason the event was successful. I received a lot of positive feedback from the parents, guardians and kids on this event. The Mayor of Stow, and the Stow Parks and Recs. Manager attended the event. They were very impressed with the way our organization facilitated the Trout Derby. Again, thanks for all of your hard work you all did for this event. My award for helping is seeing the smile on those kids faces when they catch a fish. Any of you who have worked this event knows what I’m talking about.

Bernie Shocklee


Summit Sportsmans Association, Inc.