March 18 Steelhead Outing Chagrin River
Start 9am Finish 2:30 check in 3pm
1. Meet at Daniel's Park on the Chagrin River at 8:30am. Check in is back at the park at 3pm. See map.
2. Largest steelhead by length determines winners.
3. All fishing must be done on the Chagrin River from shore or wading.
4. $5 entry fee
5. All state laws must be obeyed during the outing.
6. No pre-fishing om the day of the outing
7. Knowing the rules is on each participant of the outing.
8. You may call me by Wednesday March 15 if not signed up by the previous meeting.
9. Entry fee can be paid at the monthly meeting or the day of the event.
10. No food served