These are the rules for my crappie outing at Wingfoot Lake April 22. I will make a decision on what date for the outing at the April 10th meeting.

* Entry fee is $5.00 payable before fishing the day of the outing. I would like the money paid by the April 10th meeting.
* 2.00 optional entry for biggest fish----must be non crappie species. Biggest by length and can be measured at time of catch with another member as witness.
* Time is from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM.
* I will be at the ramp by 7:30 to collect from any members who have not paid. You may proceed to your spot before 8:00 but DO NOT START FISHING UNTIL 8:00 AM.
Stop fishing at 2:30 and proceed to the ramp. Weigh in will be at the ramp or at the State Park Pavilion.*Five largest by weight will determine the winner.
* Five largest crappies by weight will determine the winner.
Place: Wingfoot ramp off Waterloo Rd, before the State Park if coming from the West.
* You may fish from shore or boat.
* Gas motors are permitted on the lake...keep in mind Wingfoot is a no wake lake and it is possible to speed with a 9.9 motor.
* There is no size or catch limits for crappie at Wingfoot Lake.

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