Date April 29th, 2017 (Saturday)

Chairman: Ron Scheetz 330-622-9289 or cell 330-844-0522

Fish Species: Bluegill and Crappie ie crappie 9 inches and bigger.
Six (6) panfish weighed, combined or separate, total highest weight
wins. 1st., 2nd., 3rd., place payouts, in case of ties, places will be
combined and paid out evenly.

In addition we will have a $2.00 entry for biggest other fish ( other
than bluegill or crappie) contest. Winner take all, entry is optional.
Winner by length of fish.


-must be a current SSA member.
-obey all state fishing regulations, size, length, limit, etc.
-fishing time is from 8:30AM to 3:00PM only.
-may launch your boat from any ramp on lake.
-you can leave ramp area at 8:30AM only, no setting up early on spot.
-no pre-fishing lake the day of the outing.
-all fishing stops at 3:00PM.
-all participants will meet at South Main St. ramp to weigh fish, no
latter than 4:00PM.
-all participants must pay entry fee ($5.00) before outing starts.
-each participant is responsible to know the rules.

If you are planning to enter this outing, please pay at March meeting.
or pay me at event. I will be at the northern most ramp on Christman
Road, east side of lake. Pay before 8:00AM.

This is an electric motor only lake, no gas motors. Although, you do
not have to remove gas motors, only the gas tanks.

No food will be served, so bring a lunch to outing.