Blue Gill Outing
June 2, 2018

1. Meet at Old State Park at 9:00 AM. Back at the dock for measuring at 3 PM.
2. The 10 largest fish will be weighed per boat.
3. This outing will be a partners outing. 2 people per boat. Points will be given per boat.
4. Points will be awarded first place....10 points that’s 10 per person. Etc....
5. $10.00 entry fee paid per boat prior to the outing.
6. No pre-fishing the day of the outing.
7. All State Laws must be obeyed during the outing.
8. The responsibility for knowing the rules is on each participant.
9.$1.00 per member entry for biggest other fish by length is optional.
10 You may call me by Wednesday May 30 if not signed up by the meeting.
11. You must pay in advance at the meeting or see me prior to the event.
12. Bring a lunch no food will be served.

Outing Chairman...Steve Zimmerman (330)322-6781.