August 16th 2019 Night Cat Fishing Outing
The Chairman for this outing is Bernie Shocklee. (330-861-4578)
The outing will be held on Friday August 16th 2019 from 7:00 pm to midnight At Tweed Lake
(Bernie Shocklee house-private lake)
Only shore fishing is permitted in this outing. You may fish the west bank of the lake.
Entry fees will be collected the day of the outing.
The three largest Cat Fish (by weight) are eligible, including Bull Cats, Channel Cats and
Kentucky Blue Cats. First, Second and Third place will be awarded. A $5 entry fee is
The Single largest fish(any species, including Cat fish-(by weight) will take the Big Fish Prize.
First place only. A $2 entry fee is optional.
The Single Largest Snapping Turtle will take Big Snapper Prize. First place only. A $1 entry fee
is optional. Bernie Shocklee will determine largest turtle by visual inspection.
This is a catch and release outing. Please weigh your catch and release the fish immediately.
You may set-up at your fishing spot before 7:00 pm. Do not start fishing until 7:00 pm. Stop
fishing no later than midnight. You may leave the outing any time after you check your fish.
Fried Chicken and all the fixings, including beverages (all you can eat) will be provided at
Bernie Shocklee’s fishing site. Bring beer if you like.
Please adhere to State fishing regulations.
Directions to Bernie Shocklee’s house: 1468 Midland Ave. Barberton, Ohio:
 You may take route 276 or route 224 to Manchester Road (route 93).
 Head south on Manchester Rd.
 Turn right on to Midland Ave. ( the first street past route 619).
 It’s the last street on Midland Ave. on the right. (Big Tudor-sits back).