Tons of food prepared by our members and their wives. Thank you to all who helped out! 

The Angler of the Year was awarded to Eric Babb. Congratulations, Eric !!!  Eric is a great Angler and he is following in his fathers footsteps.

Voting for Sportsman of the Year.  Bernie Babb, Eric Babb and yours truly were the finalist in that competition.  The winner will be announced at the January 8th Membership meeting. 

The new officers were sworn in and will take over in January.   The following is a list of our new officers: President-Bernie Shocklee, Vice President-Steve Zimmerman, Web Master-Keith Doyle, Secretary-Gary Rudolf, Treasurer-Ron Scheetz, Phone Committee Chairman-Gerry Kushner, Quarter Master-Bernie Babb, Membership Chairman-Eric Babb, Outdoor Advisory Committee Chairman-Bob Doyle, Outdoor Advisory Committee Members(4-John Skipper, Gerry Kushner, Ron Scheetz, Keith Gibbs), 3 year Trustee(1-1/2 year term Lance Speas). 

2018 SSA Annual Christmas Party

New officers being sworn in